Places Dike gate
Places Old Vizima gate inside

There are due Cancelli della Diga nel Vizima. One which leads from il Quartiere del Tempio, onto la diga and a second cancello which leads from Vizima Antica back to la diga. Il Cancello from il Quartiere del Tempio is also known as the Cancello per Nuova Vizima, while the gate from Vizima Antica is (not surprisingly) known as the Cancello di Vizima Antica.

Missioni associate Modifica

Curiosità Modifica

  • La Grande Fuga is listed as related because it leads to meeting Siegfried which in turn permits passage through this cancello
  • La diga side of this gate is where Coleman can be found for Ratto quest
  • Nel Capitolo V, it is visible but locked for the duration of the Capitolo

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